Photography Class/Kids Camp

Got a new camera for Christmas  or your Birthday? Would you like to know how to use that camera……really use that camera? We have the answer! Photography Classes!!

Beginners Photography Classes for Adults

We are trying something new this summer with our adult photography classes.We will be having private session classes  available at all times. It seems that everyone of us is on a different  level when it comes to learning about photography and cameras.

We  will  work  with  you,  and  teach  you  how  to  use  your camera  and  how  to  get  better  pictures.  It  will  not  matter your skill level because we will be working one on one with you! 

Three hours of private lesson time is $75.00

Six hours of private lesson time is $150.00                                             

One hour of private lesson time is $50.00                              

*Bring a friend and save $25.00 per person on the six hours of lesson time.( $125.00 per person) 


We  will  teach  you  how  to  take  better  quality  portraits.

We can work with you on:  *Basic  Camera  Skills  *Shutter  Speed   *Aperture  *Posing  Skills  *Basic  Lighting

It  doesn’t  matter  if  you  are  taking  pictures  of  people, animals  or  landscape  –  It  shouldn’t  be  complicated!  Let  us  help  you  get  the  photo  you  really  want!

Call  now  to  reserve  your  spot!

Summer Photography Camp for Kids

                                       June 15 – 18 , July 20 – 23           

              There will be a limited number of openings, first come first serve.      For more information go to or e-mail me at

Tuition is $100.00 per child. The class will be age appropriate. We will teach your kids how to take better quality portraits.

We will work on: *Focusing *What makes a portrait good or bad *Centering up a good quality picture *Proper lighting.

Your child needs to bring their own point and shoot digital camera. They need to know the basics of how to use it.

At the end of the class, each child will have an 8×10 portrait to enter in the Washington County Fair!

Class size is limited. Call now to reserve your spot!

           Advance Kids photography Kamp

This is for a child that has participated in our camp before!

We take photography to the next level. We will work on the next level of lighting, posing, and better camera techniques. Call for dates and times.

Call Now! 979-836-1700 * 800-888-7056


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